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Winskill Park: Are dogs allowed at the event?

Yes certainly, although please ensure they are leashed and you pick up after them. If your dog is not okay with other dogs, large groups of people and is over stimulated; we ask that you keep your dog at home (not in your car)!

Vendors: Are we required to be there all weekend?

The Sun Festival is an all-weekend affair for Tsawwassen. However, when we refer to vendors; we are talking about the Monday of the long weekend being the day in which vendors are present at Winskill Park. Saturday and Sunday do not have vendor spots at our fields as the slo-pitch tournament and volleyball competition are ran on these days.

Vendors: What time do we setup in the morning on the Monday?

Setup for vendors is from 7 AM til 9 AM in the designated vendors spots. Please make sure you are setup, ready to go and ready to sell by 9 AM. All vehicles used for setup must be vacated from the field before 9 AM.

Vendors: Are tents and tables provided for our booths?

Vendor tents and tables are not provided for your booth. It is your choice to bring either, but we would suggest at least the tent as it tends to b one of the hottest days of the year.

Parade: Is there parking available for parade attendees?

Parking is at a premium depending on the location you intend to watch. Many of the location businesses have parking lots available to the public and you may park there as you may do any other day of the year. The West side of 56th street ranging from 16th avenue all the way to Ray Carter Way are shutdown on parade day at 10:30 a.m.. If you intend on leaving your residence during that time, we suggest parking on the east side of the street and walking across when you need to leave. You may have to wait to enter 56th street if you are on the west side.

Slo-Pitch: Is this open to any person who wants to play?

The Slo-Pitch tournament held every year at Winskill Park on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday is open to the teams that have spots in it. It is not a public tournament that has registration forms like other events (such as the Volleyball tournament). Spots are limited and carryovers from years past are given top priority. There is a waiting list for this event and teams are contacted by the Slo-Pitch organizer. However, if you have a full team of players and want to join the waiting list; please email

Outdoor Movie: Is it on this year?

Look under the Events tab and you'll see the information regarding the outdoor movie. It is a well attended event so make sure to get on it early and keep track of the information.

Is there a Beer Garden and where is it?

The Beer Garden is always under the tree/shaded area in behind Winskill Pool Building. It is there all weekend long (Sat-Mon). Sponsored by Four Winds Brewery!

Are the kids events free?

The Children's Midway area is free!

What time does the Parade end?

Usually the Parade begins at 11am and stops at 12:15 pm on Monday of the long weekend along 56th Street

What happened to the Antique Fair?

The Antique Fair didn't get enough support in years past, so the coordinator did have to cancel it. In the future if you are looking to headline this event; we recommend reaching out with a proposed plan.

Are their plans to add new and excited events to the Festival?

We are always listening and if anyone has any suggestions feel free to reach out to us. We usually post all the events in the upcoming show in our Events area, so if you don't see an event; that usually means it either hasn't be suggested or it isn't happening this year for a specific reason.

Where can I find pictures for the past festivals?

Our Gallery area does host photos from past shows. We can't guarantee you will find the photos you are looking for as well as the fact some photos from past festivals are owned by the photographers in place to shoot them.


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