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Pickleball Tournament

Where: Dennison Park Pickleball Courts (8a Avenue in Tsawwassen)

When: August 4th, 1st Tournament

(9AM - 12 PM, Check in at 8:30 AM), 2nd Tournament (1PM - 4PM, Check in at 12:30 PM)

What: Registration Deadline: July 21st, 2024

Info: Cost is $30 per individual, $60 per team. 8 Team Maximum per Tournament


- At this point, no refunds will be provided for any teams wishing to drop out.

- Teams will forfeit the 1st game if they do not have enough players 5 mins after scheduled start time. Forfeit scores are determined by the tournament organizer's decision. 

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E-Transfer Payment to
  • Full refunds minus $10 admin fee are provided in case of rain cancellation

  • If there are questions, they can email 

  • For new Pickleball Canada members, when they ask Which club do you want to join, you can say “my club is not listed” 

The etransfer will be to Benjamin Cheung, who is the operations manager of Pacific Pickleball.

Rules & Guideline for Tournament Play

  • All tournament participants must be 18 years of age or older. They must all be Pickleball Canada Members for insurance purposes. You may sign up the link below for $12.50. We ask for your membership number during registration. Please sign up at

  • The tournament will be of mixed genders: 1 male and 1 female per team, or 2 females per team. Players may only play for one team in the tournament. There will be a max total of 8 teams in each tournament.

  • The tournament format is as follows: 5 timed round robin games, followed by a single-elimination playoff tournament. All teams are seeded in round robin and will make playoff. Minimum of 6 games per team (Given we have 8 teams)

  • Each game in round robin will be 13 minutes. Score played up to 11. If teams do not complete their game in the allotted time, scores are reported as-is.

  • Before starting, winner of a coin toss chooses one of the two options: A) To serve or receive, or B) the side of court. The losing team will take the remaining choice

  • POINTS WON is the primary determinate for seeding. WINS are the 2nd determinate, Point differential will be the 3rd.

  • Playoff games are single elimination, one game up to 15 points with no cap. Teams switch sides when one team reaches 7 points

  • All teams carry the responsibility of self-refereeing their own games with honesty and integrity. Medal matches will be refereed. We are playing under Pickleball Canada rules. As a general rule, all line calls are called by the receiving team. If there is no clarity on the decision, the default call is always “in”. A tournament referee may step in if required. Tournament officials have final say in settling any rule disputes.

  • Team players must call any violations on themselves (non-volley zone violation, 2 bounce rule, etc.). Please remember this is a recreational tournament. Please show the upmost respect and sportsmanship to your teammates and opponents. 

  • Tournament ball is the Franklin X40 outdoor ball.

  • Teams will forfeit if the 1st game if they do not have enough players 5 mins after scheduled start time. Forfeit scores are 11-0 for the winning team.



The Sun festival Society, in partnership with Pacific Pickleball, is hosting the inaugural Co-Ed Pickleball Tournament. 

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