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Delta's Got Talent

2021  Contest Rules & Application




·       Contestants must be Delta residents between the 10-19 years of age at the date of the event. 

·       Vocal (musical or acapella solo or group), Instrumental, Dance, solo artists or duets or other talent are accepted. 

·       Content to be family friendly.

·        Upload your video to Tswwassen Sun Festival Facebook Page

·       Submission accepted July 26 to August 1

Finalist Selection:

·       Judging will be done by visitors to the Facebook Page

·       Whoever receives the most votes wins first prize



Submission Information:

After submitting your video send your contact information so that we can reach you if you win.  Send by Messenger


Good Luck and Have Fun!!


What: Submissions accepted between July 26th-August 1st on the Tsawwassen Sun Festival Facebook page LINK

When: WINNER ANNOUNCED AUGUST 2ND - 8:00 P.M. - $500 Cash Prize for Winner

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